How To Make A Website – for filmmakers & visual artists

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In this video tutorial, you will see how to make a professional website. No technical skills are necessary.

The whole website build was completed in approximately three hours, using the Wix ADI and Editor tools. All the major steps of creating the website are presented.

The design of this website is tailored for filmmakers, photographers and visual artists in general.

The website allows all the essential functionality necessary for such artists. The website includes a portfolio page (specifically, a gallery of videos), a blog, About and Contact pages, as well as icons linking to social network accounts.

The portfolio videos are embedded from YouTube and Vimeo. Alternatively, self-hosted videos can be featured in the artist’s portfolio.

The two portfolio pages, namely Tutorials and Channel, were created with the default video and the Wix Video apps, respectively (both apps are available in the Editor).

The features of the Wix video app are discussed, including the subscription and monetization of videos.

This video tutorial shows how to change the site design, the color theme, the fonts and the layout – among other elements. It shows how to create pages, including the Contact and About pages.

Also, the differences between the ADI and Editor tools are discussed.

Tom Antos discusses the importance of a website in the career and business of an indie filmmaker (based on personal experience). A personal website is a great tool for marketing one’s skills (or business services). Having a presence online is essential to a successful business or career.

This is a comprehensive tutorial that shows how a novice can make a professional website within hours.

Remember, in filmmaking there’s no problems, just a lack of solutions!

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