Self taught graphic designer – Complete study guide in 7 steps

Feeling stuck at your career and what a change? Think design is cool but don’t want to spend years in school to learn it? Maybe 100k+ salary sounds good but feels like it’s never achievable? I’ve come up with 7 steps that will take one full year of your time to equip yourself to become a professional designer. This may be a turning point in your life – if design is a thing for you.

Learning resources:
Step 1 – Study the design principles (1 week)

Step 2 – Learn the design softwares (1 week)

Step 3 – Study, Copy, Steal from other designers (1 week)
Step 4 – Start designing! Get real projects (2 months)
Step 5 – Work with a mentor (3 months)
Step 6 – Put together a portfolio on dribbble (1 week)
Step 7 – Look for internship at 2 top agencies (6 months) (Highly recommended)

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